There are four (4) main membership groups in the organization (Rural Doctors Research Team, Rural Doctors Clinical Review Team, Rural Doctors Humanitarian Community and Rural Doctors Volunteer Network), with different objectives and activities but all working to support our programs and humanitarian interventions.



Rural Doctors Clinical Review Team

This group focuses on designing well-tailored clinical guidelines to be used by volunteers in the field and other health care providers in resource limited settings for disease management. All health care providers irrespective of Country of Residence/origin with at least a First Degree or equivalence in their field of focus are welcome to apply to join the team. Students are welcome to apply to become an associate member.

Rural Doctors Volunteer Network

This is made up of former and current staff and volunteers of Rural Doctors. To be eligible, one must have volunteered with Rural Doctors for at least 3 months and willingly apply to join the network. This great network can organize and take part in formal and informal events including community health projects, capacity building workshops, fundraising events etc. To have a functional volunteer network in your sub-division/division/region/state, there must be at least 10 members available in that location. Following application, you will be notified whether or not the available number meet the criteria. If there is an existing network in your area already, you will be linked to your local coordinator. If there is no existing network in your area, one will be created with you. 

Rural Doctors Research Team

Our Research Team is focused on carrying out small and large scale community-based participatory research work to understand health care challenges and needs in rural areas. Researchers or persons with interest in community base research are welcome to apply irrespective of their country of residence/origin. Students are encouraged to apply to become associate members.

Rural Doctors Humanitarian Community

This is a global community of persons who have taken a stand to support the helpless and persons in rural communities by donating financially or materially to our cause. If interested, fill our basic form to get you registered into the system so that you can enjoy the full benefits of a member. Members of  our Humanitarian Community can carry out fundraising activities or online crowd funding following a simple due process.