The Birth of Rural Doctors Research Team

Today marks the birth of Rural Doctors Research Team. A zoom meeting was held today to officially create this team and engage members and associate members to make meaningful impact in remote communities through research.

Some objectives:

a. Observe and report the health challenges faced by vulnerable communities including but not limited to clinical case reports of neglected tropical diseases; and case reports illustrating case management difficulties in rural areas.
b. Evaluate risky health behaviors, health needs and risks of epidemics and public health crisis in rural areas and disadvantaged minority groups such as refugees.
c. Carry out community-based participatory research to report best preventive health measures/approaches on specific diseases in remote rural communities.
d. Identify factors contributing to health disparities within vulnerable populations.
e. Provide adequate scientific backing in support or against common non-evidence-based practices frequent in rural areas and in emergency situations.
f. Build the research capacity of members, volunteers and health care providers in rural communities of interest.

Congratulation to Dr. Njedock Nelson for coordinating this. If you want to join the team, click this link to apply:

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